New Disney art from Guy Vasilovich & Stephan Martiniere!

New Disney art from Guy Vasilovich & Stephan Martiniere!

Acme Direct has two new Disney limited editions now available
from Guy Vasilovich and Stephan Martiniere

by Stephan Martiniere
195 piece giclee on canvas edition

Nautilus by Stephan Martiniere

I remember watching 20,000 leagues under the Sea when I was a kid and being instantly fascinated by the fabulous underwater scenes.  I wanted to be Captain Nemo at the wheel of this magical submarine exploring the depths of the ocean. I imagined myself wearing one of these intricate diving suits seeking out lost treasures.I have no doubt that this fascination for the underwater world is the reason I became an avid scuba diver. Nautilus is more than a painting to me; each stroke of paint and layers is filled with all of these childhood memories and 30 years of scuba diving. This painting allowed me to become Captain Nemo for a while, discovering ancient sunken cities and exploring the wonders of the ocean. – Stephan Martinere


“Dragon’s Gate
by Guy Vasilovich
available in a signed canvas and unsigned paper edition

Dragon's Gate by Guy Vasilovich

As an ardent fan of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, particularly the dragon sequence, I was drawn to the design concept of the small wings in scale to the dragon.  That characteristic rendered Maleficent flightless even with all of her magic.Asking myself, “What if…?”,  prompted me to to explore the battle from an aerodynamic attack by the dragon, thus the larger wings.I purposely omitted the three fairy godmothers to help give the scene an “impossible situation” look and feel. – Guy Vasilovich