Well I guess technically there are still 5 more full days until Preview Night, but being that we are shipping out on Monday.  This will be my last post until after the Con.

Soooo, some informative things….

Our Booth number is #5429, and we are located in the same place as always, in back and straight on till morning.

We will not be selling (or giving you your pre-ordered) Yoda CKs untill Saturday.  I know, I know, it stinks- but don’t blame us.  Blame the fat cats up at Lucasfilm, we are not allowed to sell or distribute any new Clone Wars products until the 26th.  But don’t worry, anyone who pre-ordered their key will get it one way or another.  And those of you who didn’t and are planning on picking it up at the show, we will take care of you too (so as long as we don’t sell out).

Now some fun news:

As I mentioned before (in some other post that I can’t remember), we will be doing 2 giveaways this year:

The first is for an incredibly framed Halo “Boarding” Giclee on Canvas.  This piece is also the very first piece in the edition- that’s right #1.  Anybody who purchases a Halo product from us will receive 1 raffle ticket per item purchased, at the end of the show we will select one number at random, and bam you are the winner.  Don’t worry if you won’t be there Sunday, we will post the winning number on our site and ship it out to you if you happen to have the ticket- JUST DON’T LOSE THE TICKET, we will need you to give it to us or send it in.

The second is also equally as cool.  We will be giving away the COMPLETE SET of our first CLONE WARS CHARACTER KEY LINE!! That’s right all 16 keys, everyone from Yoda to Roron.  Anybody who purchases any character key (does not need to be Star Wars, and does include the exclusive) at the show will receive one raffle ticket for every key purchased.  And once again at the end of the show we will select one number at random, and bam you are the winner.  And also once again don’t worry if you won’t be there Sunday, we will post the winning number on our site and ship it out to you.

Seth MacFarlane (creator of Family Guy , American Dad) will be signing at our booth on Friday.

Matt Groening (creator of Futurama, The Simpsons) will be signing at our booth on Saturday.

Artists Eric Tan (If Adventure has a Name…, Wall E prints, Ratatouille, Incredibles) , Sam Fout (Mos Eisley Wise Guys, The Don, Vaders Angeles, Dark Lord Rising), and Peter Ferk (Original Trilogy Character Keys, Indiana Jones Character Keys)  will also be signing at our booth over the course of the show.

Sorry I don’t have times and dates for you now, but we will have a banner up at our booth so come check it out.

Speaking of Pete Ferk, we are going to have for sale some really cool Character Key stuff.  We have put together an Artist series of Character Keys that Pete worked, where as we have paired up his ORIGINAL drawing for the key with an Artist Proof of the key itself.  Check out an image of what one will look like.

This picture does not do it justice, I saw them and they kick massive booty.  We will have one for every key he worked on (Slave Leia, Tarkin, Sandtrooper, TIE Pilot, Han Solo, Obi Wan, Boba Fett, Indiana Jones).  There is only ONE of these for each character.  They are framed really cool in a 2 inch deep shadow box with each piece on a pedestal.  They will retail between $495 and $595.

We will have a new sketchplate!!!! I know long time in the making, but it will be there and it will make a great companion piece to your McQuarrie R2.

And last bit of cool new product news that I will be releasing today, we will have a new Family Guy Star Wars Lithograph.  The special is still about a year out, but we have received permission to sell this Litho at the show (and only at the show) until the Special airs in about a year.  I have seen the Litho and I will tell you now, it is freakin’ sweet.

Like always we are going to have A TON of new products and new prototypes at the show  (Check out our new The Clone Wars line, it’s going to be cool, as well as our newly created Light Saber REVEALED prototype that we worked on in conjunction with the boys over at EFX), so much stuff that I could write about it all night.  But I won’t.  So you will just have to come to the show and check it all out.

Although I will add in one last thing, we will have an artwork wall with the some of our artists’ originals so you can see how our limiteds measure up to the real thing and for you moneybags out there, they will be for sale.

That is all for me on this lovely Friday afternoon.  If you see me at the Con, please don’t be afraid to say hi.

Your humble Blogger,